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Meet Our Team


Our Small Animal Team


Dr Dan Joachim (BSc, BVMS)

Dr Dan is our Head Veterinarian with more than 25 years’ experience. He  has been an integral part of the Baldivis Vet Hospital since 2002, and enjoys working with  family pets. Dr Dan provides an excellent standard of veterinary care, whilst maintaining an empathetic and caring manner to pets and their owners. Dr Dan has a special interest in orthopaedic surgery, general surgery, dermatology and exotic pets.


Dr Joram Mudzingwa (BVSc, MRCVS)

Dr Joram has over 10 years’ experience as a Veterinary Surgeon, and has completed further education in surgery. He has worked in the UK for a number of years, and joined the Baldivis Vet Hospital team in 2014. Dr Joram has a special interest in soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery.

Dr Katy Davis (BSc, BVMS)

Dr. Katy joined out team in early 2016, after spending 3 years in mixed practice in Victoria and NSW. She has a special interest in Ultrasonography and small animal surgery and consulting. She is an amazing all rounder. Dr Katy enjoys spending her time outside of work at the beach and being outdoors.

Dr Narelle Thompson (BSc, BVMS (Hons))

Dr Narelle has been a part of the Baldivis team since February 2012. She is primarily a small animal vet with a special interest in ultrasonography, although she also has a passion for horses. Dr Narelle enjoys competing in show jumping competitions with her horse, ‘Bill’.


Dr Janelle Kirkwood (Bsc, BVMS)

Dr. Janelle started as a locum veterinarian with Baldivis Vet Hospital in 2014, and has since joined our permanent team of Veterinarians in late 2015.  Dr. Janelle brings with her over 7 years experience and has a special interest in small animal medicine, while also enjoys seeing our feathered patients. She keeps busy at home dressing her chickens ‘Esmerelda’, ‘Mavis‘ and ‘Penelope‘ in appropriate winter attire.


Dr Amy Khoo (Bsc, BVMS)

Dr. Amy is a regular locum veterinarian at Baldivis Vet Hospital with her friendly and gentle touch. She worked for over 9 years in Sydney before moving over to Perth and becoming a important part of our team. Dr. Amy has a strong interest in small animal medicine.


Dr Robyn Whitaker (Bsc, BVMS)

Robyn has been in small animal practice for over 25 years and really enjoys helping our beloved pets and their owners in sickness and in health. She joined our team at Baldivis Vet Hospital in mid 2015 and loves meeting so many wonderful pets and their owners.
At home, Robyn is kept extremely busy by her two kelpie x staffy dogs as well as having two teenage sons.


Dr Katie Currie (Bsc, BVMS)

Graduating from Bristol University in 2002, Dr. Katie spent 3 years in mixed animal practice before specialising in small animals and completed 2 year General Practitioner Certificate in Small Animal Medicine from ESVPS. She has a special interest in soft tissue surgery and medicine. Moving to Australia in 2009 with her husband (also a vet). Adopting two rescue cats via work including ‘Charlie’.  Dr. Katie is now a part-time vet and full-time mum. Joining our weekend team at Baldivis Vet in 2015.


Dr Gaelia Hunt (Bsc, BVMS)

Dr. Gaelia has spent time in a number of small animal practices in WA & SA. She has also spent several years in the veterinary health industry with animal nutrition & preventive health products.
She shares her times these days between working here at Baldivis Vet Hospital, teaching Veterinary Nursing at Polytechnic West,
running after her 2 sons, 2 cats & 2 dogs. Dr. Gaelia started at Baldivis Vet in 2014.


Nicole F

Nicole has been a qualified vet nurse since 1999, working both in Perth and 6 years in the UK. She started at Baldivis Vet in December 2013 after her service within the veterinary recruitment industry, and now enjoys her role as the HR and Customer Service Manager within the hospital. Nicole is owned by ‘Albie’ the wonder dog, cats ‘Cricket’ and ‘Forrest’, and tropical fish.



Carly is our Head Vet Nurse at Baldivis Vet, and has worked in the small animal department since 2011. She holds a Diploma in Vet Nursing General Practice and manages the nursing HR and small animal surgery.

Carly’s family includes her husband, her two girls, ‘Peppa’ the stubborn border collie and the uncoordinated bionic Kelpie X ‘Shorty Pants’ as well as a large marine fish tank.



Hayley qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2012, and has been advancing her knowledge and skills within the industry ever since.  She joined our team at Baldivis Vet Hospital in July 2015 working within all areas of reception and small animal surgery.
Hayley spends her spare time keeping fit and initiating conversations with her German Shepherd “Kyra” and “Skuffy” the Maltese.



Kayla joined Baldivis Vet in 2014 after relocating from South Australia, where she worked in practice. She has been a qualified Vet Nurse since 2013, and has worked in Queensland, as well as SA.  Kayla heads up our team of small animal surgery nurses and is responsible for the organisation of day to day surgeries. Kayla’s cats ‘Misty’ and ‘Spook’ keep her company at home.



Asha joined the Baldivis Vet team in 2014 as a qualified Vet Nurse. With a natural gift and passion in both small animal and equine work, testing the vets knowledge and is a superstar all-rounder, she enjoys working within small animal surgery, reception and assisting in equine. Asha fills her time outside of work competing in horse shows, and enjoys her menagerie of pets, ‘Otis’ and ‘Aussie’ the blue heelers, cats ‘Puss’ and ‘Little Puss’ and her horse ‘Josh’, and not forgetting her cow ‘Pebbles’ and her greyhound ‘Stretch’.



Many would recognise Clair, as she has been a Senior Nurse at Baldivis Vet Hospital for over 12 years. Clair works within the small animal department, covering all areas of surgery, reception and our reminder system. Clair enjoys spending time keeping fit, and caring for her 2 boys, cats, dogs, rabbits, chooks and her husband.



Kylie joined the hospital in 2014 as one of our full time Receptionists, quickly becoming promoted to the role as Head Receptionist at Baldivis Vet in 2015. Kylie is a qualified Vet Nurse, with a background working with Vetpath Pathology and their customer service department. Kylie’s time outside of work is spent with her super intelligent Border Collie, ‘Lance Armstrong’ and her bunny ‘Peter rabbit’.



Miriam has worked at Baldivis Vet as a vet nurse since 2006. In this time she has had 3 daughters and adopted 3 cats. She has been teaching puppy classes at the hospital since 2007 and has had the pleasure of teaching over 6600+ puppies, and
continues to do so 3 nights a week. Miriam also runs her own business “Silver Impressions” creating unique and individual pieces of handmade jewellery & keepsakes in beautiful fine silver, capturing your pets (or child’s) name, date of birth, paw prints, finger or handprint.



Daniel is one of our vet nurses, having joined us in 2014 as a new graduate. He is passionate about animal care, and is continuing to learn and grow in his chosen career. Daniel spends his free time with his partner, and looking after his adorable chihuahua’s ‘Elf’ and ‘Olive’, and his cats ‘Bacon’ and ‘Comet’.



Danni is one of our newest qualified Vet Nurses, having joined the team in 2012, and graduated December 2015. She enjoys administration and reception work. Danni’s biggest struggle is not taking every kitten or puppy home with her! She is welcomed home each day by her husband, and 2 mixed breed devils, ‘Rolo’ and ‘Layla’. Danni is currently on maternity leave after welcoming her gorgeous baby boy Aston to the world in early 2016.



Ash joined our team as a Kennel Hand in 2014 and excelled within seconds. An absolute natural within the industry. She enrolled in 2015 to study her Certificate IV in Vet Nursing part time, and continues to be an integral part of our small animal surgical team. Ash loves learning and provides support and assistance to our vets and nurses. She has an adorable Mastiff puppy, ‘Bomber’ and 2 cats, ‘Momo’ and ‘Milly’.


Our Equine Team

Rob Dr Robert Davies (BSc, BVMS (Hons))

Dr Robert Davies BSc, BVMS (Hons), Member of Australian College of Veterinary Scientists (Equine Medicine), Certificate Equine Stud Medicine, Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Dr Rob founded Baldivis Vet Hospital in 1984. He enjoys keeping up to date with his continuing veterinary education and is dedicated to keeping up with new developments in veterinary care. Dr Rob is committed to implementing new technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of all creatures great and small. Dr Rob has a special interest in equine reproduction work.

Les (2)Dr Les Brown (BVSc)

Dr Les is an experienced equine Veterinary Surgeon who joined Baldivis Vet Hospital in 2004. Dr Les has gained extensive experience while working both in New Zealand and on the east coast of Australia, including Scone in the Hunter Valley. Dr Les has a variety of interests including lameness in racehorses, respiratory problems in race horses, breeding horses and pleasure horses.

 Liz1 (2)Dr Liz Woodberry (BSc, BVMS)

Dr Liz joined the Baldivis team in 2007 and she has an interest in both family pets and horses. Dr Liz is a caring veterinary surgeon who is competent in medicine and surgery of family pets. Dr Liz has a background in horses having come from the Hunter Valley and a special interest in equine reproduction.

 Dr James Meyer (BSc (PV), DVM)


Nic CrossNicole

20 years, and still counting!! Nicole started in the equine department (a ‘few’ years ago) as a Vet Nurse, and is now Head of the Equine Department, as well as the overall ‘Oracle’ of the hospital. After enjoying two periods of long service leave, she can’t stay away. Nicole is kept busy with her collection of Chihuahuas, and horses, as well as a husband and 2 boys.

Kelly 3Kelly

Kelly has grown with the Baldivis Vet Hospital since starting as a stable hand and trainee nurse in 2006. Kelly is one of our senior Equine Nurses, recognizable to many clients by her bright and bubbly personality. Kelly is kept busy with her family, as well as her staffy ‘Mutley’, cats ‘Willow’ and ‘Petal’, and her stunning horse ‘Cato’.



Vet Nurse, Sophie, has recently joined the Baldivis Equine team, having made the move from Queensland. Sophie has a number of years’ experience in the equine department at the University of Queensland, and has special interests in equine reproduction and client education.


Jess joined our team at Baldivis Vet Hospital in 2013 as senior equine vet nurses. She brings many years of experience within the equine industry. After a short break, Jess has returned to
Baldivis Vet, working within all areas of small animal and equine reception. Jess keeps busy with her fiancé and her two chihuahua’s ‘Box’, ‘Missy Van Muffin’ and her rescue kitten ‘Mr Mufasa’.  Jess is currently on maternity leave after welcoming her beautiful baby girl Fynn to the world in February 2016.


Our Administration Team


Tina is an integral member of the team, as our Operations Manager and our rock.Tina previously worked at Baldivis Vet Hospital, and has come back on board in 2015. She is responsible for the heart and soul and overall running of our hospital, and truly is a quiet ‘superstar’ achiever. When she lets herself have ‘spare time’,
Tina enjoys spending it with her family including her Border Collie, ‘Nel’ and ‘Nutless’ the cat.



Kristen started with Baldivis Vet Hospital in April 2015 and has joined our team as the vital and almighty bookkeeper.
She offers a range of administration and HR support for our staff and the hospital and also ensures we are all paid. Kristen is friendly and passionate about getting things right.
Her family is completed by her husband, 2 boys, 2 fish and ‘Rosie’ the German Shepherd.



Louise has been a ‘part of the furniture’ since the early days. Having started as a Vet Nurse a ‘few’ years ago, Louise now provides administration and reception support, as well as heading up our equine accounts.
Louise has a large collection of horses, dogs, cats and fish, and enjoys spending time competing in horse shows and anything horse related 24 hours a day.




Our Support Staff


Danielle is our amazing Certificate IV trained Vet Nurse who joined Baldivis Vet Hospital many years ago as our night nurse. She frequently fosters any animal, feathered or furred, that needs attention or a loving home. Danielle covers all areas, including Equine, Small Animal and Emergencies through out the night, every night! She shares her days with her husband, daughter and a zoo worth of animals, including ‘Diago’ her Dalmatian.



Suzanne has been our cleaning extraordinaire since October 2014. Even those behind the scenes at Baldivis Vets are a big part of our vet family. Suzanne spends her days with
her husband and her energetic Spoodle ‘Molly’.






Dr Robert Harris

Dr Robert Harris runs an ophthalmology referral service at Baldivis Vet Hospital every Thursday, and is also available on other days for ocular emergencies.

Dr Harris has many years of experience in diagnosing eye conditions and performing eye surgeries on animals, including cataract removal via phacoemulsification. Specialised veterinary ophthalmic equipment is needed to perform a complete eye examination and surgical procedures on the eye. Some of the state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques employed by Dr Harris include direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy, slit lamp biomicroscopy, applanation tonometry (Tonopen) and gonioscopy.