NURSE – After Hours Team Jessica has been a Veterinary Nurse for over 15 years, she has always wanted to be a part of the medical field in some form and has always had a passion for [...]


NURSE Laura has been crazy in love with animals since before she could walk, so it made sense for her to choose a career in the animal care industry. After joining a veterinary practice in 2014, [...]


SENIOR VETERINARY NURSE Laura-Lee joined our team in January 2019. She has worked as a registered small animal nurse for 9 years. As a nurse she is passionate about patient anaesthesia and animal [...]


RECEPTIONIST / VETERINARY NURSE In Sam’s previous roles she has worked closely with pet nutrition and dietary management and will be running weight clinics at the hospital very soon. Sam has two [...]


SENIOR NURSE Hayley qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2012, and has been advancing her knowledge and skills within the industry ever since. She joined our team at Baldivis Vet Hospital in July [...]


ASSISTANT PRACTICE MANAGER and EQUINE NURSE Nicole has been an equine nurse at the Baldivis Vet Hospital for over 22 years, and has been an integral part of it’s growth over this time. She is a [...]


NURSE Courtney has been a qualified veterinary nurse for 6 years and loves to interact with their clients on a daily basis, as well as seeing happy pets being reunited with their family after a [...]


NURSE Jenielle got into Veterinary Nursing due to her love of animals and she is absolutely horse mad. Jenielle owns two thoroughbred’s Merlin and Kiara which she used to compete with in show [...]


NURSE Miriam has worked at Baldivis Vet as a vet nurse since 2006. In this time she has had 3 daughters and adopted 3 cats. She has been teaching puppy classes at the hospital since 2007 and has [...]


NURSE Daniel is one of our vet nurses, having joined us in 2014 as a new graduate. He is passionate about animal care, and is continuing to learn and grow in his chosen career. Daniel spends his [...]

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