What are suitable rewards/treats for my dog or cat?

Providing rewards and treats to our pets is an important part of any training program, and let’s face it, sometimes we just want to spoil them. Like all things good, they are best given in moderation. Too many treats, or the wrong type of treat will just make you pet gain weight.

  • You pet should only get treats for good behavior. Never use food as a form of bribery to stop your pet doing an undesirable behavior. You are effectively rewarding this behavior and your pet will associate this bad behavior as good behavior.
  • Once your pet is showing progress with their training, rewards don’t necessarily have to be food. A toy, or giving affection such as patting should occasionally be used instead of food.
  • What ever treat you give should be a low calorie treat. Table scraps, bacon rind, fat you’ve trimmed of some steak and human biscuits are far from ideal. Liver treats and beef jerky or often marketed as pet treats. These are fine, but remember they are a ‘sometimes food’. If you are giving a large number of treats during the day, these have to be included in their total calorie intake. This will generally mean they have to forego some of they normal meal.
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