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Equine Vet Services in Perth & Baldivis


Baldivis Vet Hospital has a special interest in breeding horses and caring for foals.

Keeping Your Horse On The Path To Wellness.

We want to help you achieve your goals and “live the dream” with your horses. We have the expertise, facilities and equipment to achieve excellent results.

We care for all types of horses, small and large, young and old, basic breeding to advanced technologies, all types of pleasure horses together with race horses and pacers. We love helping our patients live healthier lives and reach their potential.


Horse Dental Care

Our dental vets have dental hands and kind hearts to ensure your horse is comfortable during the dental procedure. We have the training and equipment to keep your horses teeth healthy through regular dental care.

Gastric Ulcers

Improve your horses temperament and performance by successfully managing gastric ulcers. We have Veterinarians with training in gastroscopy and 2 excellent gastroscopes to carry out the gastroscopic examination.

Pre-purchase Examinations

Our veterinarians cater for all types of pre-purchase examinations from grand prix to ponies for your young children. All of our veterinarians ride horses and we understand the importance of finding the horse that is right for you.

Providing Special Care For Your Horses

Baldivis Vet Hospital has a large horse loading area, suitable for horse trucks and floats. We have waiting yards and easy access to the hospital. The hospital has two large horse examination areas with horse stocks to restrain the horse for examination. We have an additional area to examine mares with foals at foot for breeding. Our lameness examinations usually take place on a 30m concrete raceway and /or the arena.

The Equine Hospital is well equipped with:

  •  Equine Surgery
  • Padded Anaesthetic Recovery Room
  • Xray Machines
  • Ultrasound Machines
  • Video Endoscope
  • Video Gastroscope
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmacy
  • Isolation Facility

Living the dream

We have two horse barns and the boxes are set up so that adult horses can be medicated with intravenous fluids for colic. We have a number of specialized areas for intensive treatment of foals. We have 12 irrigated grassed paddocks with shelter to house our patients during the day. The isolation facility has its own crush, boxes and adjoining irrigated yards.

We love helping our patients live healthier lives and reach their potential.

Produce a Winner

  • A day 7 embryo ready to be transferred to a recipient mare.
  • A 12 day pregnancy as result of an embryo transfer.


  • Examinations at horse studs and at Baldivis Vet Hospital.


  • Healthcare for newborn foals
  • Medicine and intensive care
  • Emergency and routine surgery
  • Full hospital facility 24 hour care


  • Radiographs
  • Scopes
  • Pre-purchase
  • Castrations
  • Nutrition
  • Surgery
  • Routine Vet treatments

Maximise Performance

  • Videoscope
  • Exercise scope
  • Gastric ulcers
  • Stomach bots

Maximise Horse Potential

  • Excellent radiographs
  • Performance & soundness
  • Excellent Ultrasound
  • Colic Surgery
  • Joint Surgery – Arthroscopy
  • ECG
  • Blood tests – Idexx
  • Exercise testing

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Optimum performance through excellent veterinary care 24 hours every day

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Baldivis Equine Vet is located at Baldivis Vet Hospital on the corner of Safety Bay Road and Baldivis Road in Baldivis.

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