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Your Foal

A normal mare will deliver the foal in 20 minutes, your foal will often stand within half and hour and nurse within an hour.

If your foal has not nursed within two hours, assistance is recommended. The first milk from the mare is called colostrum and it contains antibodies, mostly IgG. The foals intestine is able to absorb the antibodies from the colostrum for the first 12 to 24 hours of life.

The concentration of antibodies isn the colostrum can be determined by its viscosity and specific gravity (greater than 1.060 or Brix 16). If concerned regarding the quality of the colostrum then a supplement from a colostrum bank can be given.


Newborn Foal Health Check

The newborn foal health check is especially important because this health check provides an opportunity prevent serious health issues that may arise in the next few days.

This health check involves a physical examination, check for retained meconium, check on the umbilicus, blood test for a Complete Blood Count (CBC) and an IgG test to ensure your foal has absorbed the colostrum.

Foals may be started on antibiotics depending on risk assessment of the foal given the particular environment. The IgG test is best carried out when the foal is 12 hours however most foals have absorbed their IgG by 8 hours.

The newborn foal health check also provides an opportunity to examine the mare to ensure the birth canal is within normal limits, check the placenta, check the mare for signs of haemorrhage from the uterine artery and check for signs of abdominal discomfort.

We want to help you achieve your goals and “live the dream” with your horses. We have the expertise, facilities and equipment to achieve excellent results.


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We ask that you please make an appointment prior to seeing us so that we can ensure your waiting time is minimised. Of course, if you have an emergency you can bring your pet straight in.

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Baldivis Equine Vet is located at Baldivis Vet Hospital on the corner of Safety Bay Road and Baldivis Road in Baldivis.

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