Baldivis Vet Hospital Family Pets

Keeping your pets healthy and helping them live longer and happier lives.


Your pets will receive love and excellent veterinary care 24 hours every day at Baldivis Vet Hospital.

Together we offer continuous veterinary care

Together we offer continuous veterinary care – We even have an emergency generator in case of power failure. We have staff living on the property since the practice’s inception in 1984, so your pet is never alone.

We understand how important it is to see the same vet, where possible, so please feel free to request your pet’s favourite doctor when you make an appointment.

The Journey at Baldivis Vet Hospital

Often begins with a family bringing their new puppy or kitten for their first vaccination, then for puppy school and later for advanced training. We offer vaccination packages, microchip identification, heartworm prevention programs, intestinal worming programs, desexing, as well as helping with the various ailments associated with growing up.

As your pets mature our focus is to keep them healthy through annual health care plans, weight control programs and senior consults. In addition we offer many other services and the necessary care to recover from ailments that may occur along the way. With old age comes a range of potential problems, and the veterinarians and nurses at Baldivis Vet Hospital will be there to guide you through and manage issues as they develop.

When the time comes to say goodbye we will treat your pet with dignity, and be there to comfort you. All members of our team have pets of their own, so we understand how difficult this time is for you and your family.

Baldivis Vet Hospital would like to share in your journey with your pet.

Dog Training & Obedience

It is important that your puppy gets properly educated and socialised to prevent any behavioural issues in the future. We offer Puppy classes five nights a week, Doggy high school classes and obedience and agility training onsite.


Cat Friendly Practice

We have become one of only a few facilities in Perth, recognised as a “Cat Friendly Practice”. This is reached by maintaining a CAT ONLY consultation areas, services, wards and Veterinary representative.

Why choose us?

Friendly care and advice 24 hours a day

Friendly care and advice 24 hours a day

Our team of qualified and experienced Vets and Veterinary Nurses are dedicated to providing you and your pet with gold standard care and attention.

Everything you need right here in Baldivis

Everything you need right here in Baldivis

Our diagnostic equipment includes an advance in-house IDEXX laboratory, digital radiography, ultrasound, arthroscopy, full equine and small animal pharmacy just to name a few.

Compassionate care for your pet

Compassionate care for your pet

Established in 1984, we exist and operate because thousands of owners are delighted with our compassionate care of their pets.

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Love and excellent veterinary care 24 hours every day

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Baldivis Vet Hospital General Practice and Family Pets is located on the corner of Safety Bay Road and Baldivis Road in Baldivis.

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