Stephanie has always wanted to be a Veterinarian and loves the idea of helping those who can’t speak for themselves. Stephanie has a very chatty furry housemate cat called Moet (a Lynx point ragdoll) who’s always seeking attention but his job really is just to be cute. Stephanie loves  all aspects of veterinary medicine and general surgery. Stephanie has a keen interest in exotics as well!

Stephanie is excited to learn about new medicine knowledge and applying them to patients that needs them.

Stephanie is passionate about educating and communicating with people on how to provide the best care for their furry members of the family. Stephanie finds satisfaction when she get to reunite patients with their family after they get better in hospital or when a patient comes back for a revisit learning that she has made a difference in their lives.

Outside of work Stephanie enjoy travelling and photography and spending time at the beach and hiking (one day she hope to take Moet on a hiking adventure).


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