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Put their paws in good hands. We care for your pets like family.

Feel free to explore our staff biographies and learn about the individuals who make our hospital an excellent choice for your pet’s care.

We’re your pet’s family doctor, so whether it’s checkups, time for shots, well puppy or well kitten exams or advice on anything else, we’ll spend the time to make sure both you and your pet are happy and healthy. We’re dedicated to treating our patients and their guardians with the highest level of comfort and compassion, treating each patient as if it were our own pet.


Our Veterinarians

  • DR AMY KHOO BVSc (Hons I), Grad Dip VS


    Dr Amy is an experienced veterinarian and holds an extra qualification with a Graduate Diploma in Veterinary Studies.

    Dr Amy is kind and knowledgeable, and is passionate about her patients receiving the best veterinary care with good outcomes. She has a special interest in small animal medicine.

    Dr Amy enjoys to travel and spend time with her young family.



    Dr Hannah was always interested in animals and science so it was only natural she would be so passionate to become a Veterinarian.

    She enjoys the challenges & variety of working in a multi species practice and is highly interested in the surgical and medicine aspect of her role and seeing her patients go home happy and healthy!

    Dr Hannah has a rabbit named ‘Wilfred Charles’ who is a gentlemen at heart. He was mean’t to be a dwarf rabbit however, grew double the size.

    One day she stated ‘Wilfred Charles’ will become Insta – famous (Instagram account yet to be started) and she will live off his royalties, but for now she enjoys being a Vet – She absolutely loves it!





    Dr Jolyn relocated from Singapore to Perth a decade ago to pursue veterinary studies and is a graduate from Murdoch University.

    She enjoys all aspects of veterinary work and has a strong interest in Wildlife and Conservation and Small Animal Surgery.

    Dr Jolyn has a cat called ‘Flea’ and hopes to acquire a dog or two (or a hundred!). She enjoys climbing, snorkelling and reading in her spare time.



    Dr Teryn is well qualified with a Masters in Veterinary Studies. She is a caring and compassionate veterinarian, going above and beyond for her patients, and has a special interest in small animal surgery.

    Dr Teryn likes gardening and spending time with her 2 cheeky parrots, Kiwi and Kado.



    Dr Rob is an experienced and skilled veterinary ophthalmologist, who is dedicated to restoring vision and improving the quality of life for his patients. He is available for consultation every Wednesday at Baldivis Vet Hospital.



    Dr Danae graduated from Murdoch University in 2001 and has 16 years of experience in small animal practice.

    She is passionate about providing gold standard veterinary care and services at Baldivis Vet Hospital.

    Dr Danae enjoys travelling and spending time with her family, including new addition, Staffy X puppy, Rosie.



    Dr Sarah is apart of our small animal team. She is a highly experienced Veterinarian and has come from managerial roles.

    Dr Sarah is passionate about all aspects of veterinary medicine & surgery and has a special interest in imaging (radiography/ultrasounds).

    Sarah has a 12 year old Kelpie X called ‘Otis’ who they love dearly.

    Dr Sarah is holding our little cutie patient ‘Sabree’ the 8 weeks old American Staffy X who stayed in hospital unwell and is now happy, healthy and bright as a button.






    Stephanie has always wanted to be a Veterinarian and loves the idea of helping those who can’t speak for themselves. Stephanie has a very chatty furry housemate cat called Moet (a Lynx point ragdoll) who’s always seeking attention but his job really is just to be cute. Stephanie loves  all aspects of veterinary medicine and general surgery. Stephanie has a keen interest in exotics as well! Stephanie is excited to learn about new medicine knowledge and applying them to patients that needs them.

    Stephanie is passionate about educating and communicating with people on how to provide the best care for their furry members of the family. Stephanie finds satisfaction when she get to reunite patients with their family after they get better in hospital or when a patient comes back for a revisit learning that she has made a difference in their lives. Outside of work Stephanie enjoy travelling and photography and spending time at the beach and hiking (one day she hope to take Moet on a hiking adventure).



    Dr Cathy graduated from Edinburgh University and has always been around animals. She grew up on a farm in Ireland (if you already couldn’t tell from her accent) and from a wee girl she would be bottle feeding lambs and riding horses out in the paddocks. This experience with animals at an early age was the inspiration that drove her to become the Veterinarian that she is today. Fun Fact – Dr Cathy started out as an equine vet, but now works with small animals and has never looked back!

    If you can’t see Dr Cathy often you can find her by following her infectious laugh throughout the animal hospital. When she’s not consulting she loves to be in the operating room.

    Dr Cathy likes to keep herself busy with all kinds of grand outdoor activities – open water swimming, mountain biking & hiking to name a few.

    Dr Cathy has quite a menagerie at home – 2 cats, 4 guinea pigs and a dog. Her kids wouldn’t have it any other way.


Our Nurses



    Kylie has a passion for animal welfare and she love’s people. She has a background in Human Resources and Business.

    Kylie is a fur mother to two American Staffy rescue dogs Holly and Princess Leia. Holly is the Baldivis Vet Animal Hospital Go Pro dog so you may see her around from time to time. Kylie runs an organisation by the name of ‘Don’t Go Astray’ which partners with Baldivis Vet Hospital to care for surrendered animals that need forever homes as well as funding emergency veterinary treatment. Kylie won the RSPCA WA State ‘Humane’ Award September 2018.

    Kylie runs a not for profit organisation by the name of Don’t Go Astray Inc.  that assists Veterinary Hospitals in funding emergency veterinary treatment & adoption service for  surrendered and stray animals throughout Perth WA.



    Sam may be a familiar face at our front desk when you come into the clinic, she is a full time Vet nurse Receptionist and also manages the reception team. In Sam’s previous roles she has worked closely with pet nutrition and dietary management and assists our vets in managing patients healthy weights via weight clinics for those who need it.

    Sam has two hand reared cockatiels named Babies and Chino and two kelpies that keep her busy, Missy and Hunter.

    In her spare time Sam enjoys camping, motorbike riding and hanging out with her dogs however also has a passion in makeup and fashion, making her our superstar all rounder.

    Sam has been with us for a number of years and like all others who work with us, has a strong passion and love for all animals.



    Courtney has been a qualified veterinary nurse for 6 years and loves to interact with their clients on a daily basis, as well as seeing happy pets being reunited with their family after a hospital stay. Courtney has a Bull Mastiff X called Chloe, and 3 cats: Harley, Mila and Simba.

    Outside of work, Courtney enjoys keeping fit, camping and spending days at the beach.



    Daniel is one of our vet nurses, having joined us in 2014 as a new graduate. He is passionate about animal care, and is continuing to learn and grow in his chosen career.

    Daniel spends his free time with his partner, and looking after his adorable chihuahua’s ‘Elf’ and ‘Olive’, and his cats ‘Bacon’ and ‘Comet’.



    Hayley qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2012, and has been advancing her knowledge and skills within the industry ever since.

    She joined our team at Baldivis Vet Hospital in July 2015 working within all areas of reception and small animal surgery, and has now joined the Advanced Surgery Team one day per week.

    Hayley spends her spare time keeping fit and initiating conversations with her German Shepherd “Kyra” and “Skuffy” the Maltese.



    Kelly has grown with the Baldivis Vet Hospital since starting as a stable hand and trainee nurse in 2006. Kelly has extensive experience as an equine nurse and on reception, recognizable to many clients by her bright and bubbly personality.

    Kelly is kept busy with her family, as well as her staffy ‘Mutley’, cats ‘Willow’ and ‘Petal’, and her stunning horse ‘Cato’.



    Asha joined the Baldivis Vet team in 2014 as a qualified Vet Nurse. With a natural gift and passion in both small animal and equine work, testing the vets knowledge and is a superstar all-rounder, she enjoys working within small animal surgery, reception and assisting in equine.

    Asha fills her time outside of work competing in horse shows, and enjoys her menagerie of pets, ‘Otis’ and ‘Aussie’ the blue heelers, cats ‘Puss’ and ‘Little Puss’ and her horse ‘Josh’, and not forgetting her cow ‘Pebbles’ and her greyhound ‘Stretch’.



    Many would recognise Clair, as she has been a Senior Nurse at Baldivis Vet Hospital for over 12 years. Clair works within the small animal department, covering all areas of surgery, reception and our reminder system.

    Clair enjoys spending time keeping fit, and caring for her 2 boys, cats, dogs, rabbits, chooks and her husband.



    Miriam has worked at Baldivis Vet as a vet nurse since 2006. In this time she has had 3 daughters and adopted 3 cats. She has been teaching puppy classes at the hospital since 2007 and has had the pleasure of teaching over 6600+ puppies, and continues to hold 5 classes a week.

    Miriam also runs her own business “Silver Impressions” creating unique and individual pieces of handmade jewellery & keepsakes in beautiful fine silver, capturing your pets (or child’s) name, date of birth, paw prints, finger or handprint.



    Nicole has been an equine nurse at the Baldivis Vet Hospital for over 22 years, and has been an integral part of it’s growth over this time. She is a familiar face and a “go to” person of the practice, helping the team to provide love and excellent care.

    Nicole has many pets at home, including cats and chihuahuas she has adopted over the years, and horses.


  • LAURA-LEE NURSE - After Hours Team

    NURSE – After Hours Team

    Laura-Lee joined our team in January 2019. She has worked as a registered small animal nurse for 9 years.

    As a nurse she is passionate about patient anaesthesia and animal behavior. Her daily focus is on providing a safe, fear free and low stress experience for both our patients and clients.

    Laura-Lee is also an advocate for animal rescue and pet adoption. She shares her heart and her home with 4 rescue pets of her own; two mischevious, lop eared rabbits, Widget and Cruzer and two very clever, well trained cats, Junior-Mint and Wentworth. She admits they’re all spoiled!

    When she isn’t nursing, Laura-Lee enjoys exploring the outdoors, creative writing and vegetarian cooking.



    Laura has been crazy in love with animals since before she could walk, so it made sense for her to choose a career in the animal care industry. After joining a veterinary practice in 2014, Laura was so excited to qualify as a trained veterinary nurse in 2016.

    She is a truly compassionate nurse who has had experience with fearful and anxious family pets and for these reasons, she has a special interest and further training in animal behaviour and low stress handling.

    Laura believes strongly that every animal deserves to feel safe and loved no matter what! When she rescued and hand raised her cat Ronny from a tiny, malnourished kitten, she formed an incredible bond with him and soon realised that she had an undeniable passion for pet rescue. Laura has now chosen to dedicate her spare time to the animal welfare community by becoming a foster carer.

  • JESSICA NURSE - After Hours Team

    NURSE – After Hours Team

    Jessica has been a Veterinary Nurse for over 15 years, she has always wanted to be a part of the medical field in some form and has always had a passion for animals. Jessica has mainly spent most of her career as an equine Nurse however, emergency and critical care is her passion.  She enjoys ICU and overnight shifts. Jessica thrives in the unpredictability of an emergency nursing role and is currently studying a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing.
    It takes a special sort of person to do night shifts and she enjoys the constant learning experience within such a close knit team.

    Jess has 3 Chihuahuas named “Tina Arena”, “Missy Van Muffin” & “Mr Bean”, 1 cat names “Poe”, Eclectus parrots named “Ruby” & “Yoshi” and a  horse names “Sooney” as well as a heap of fish.


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