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Feel free to explore our staff biographies and learn about the individuals who make our hospital an excellent choice for your pet’s care.

Baldivis Emergency Vet has improved the lives of thousands of patients since opening in 2014. We offer a full veterinary practice within the emergency practice. We’re dedicated to treating our patients and their guardians with the highest level of comfort and compassion, treating each patient as if they were our own.


Our Emergency Veterinarians



    Sam graduated from Murdoch University in 2007 and has worked in small animal practices ever since. He ran and owned a hospital on Sydney’s northern beaches for six years, before returning to Perth in late 2017, commencing work at Baldivis Emergency Vet.

    Dr Sam has undertaken various further education initiatives over the years mainly in soft tissue surgery, emergency medicine and small animal internal medicine. He lives in Fremantle with his wife, daughter, two cats and a very dopey and slightly chubby golden retriever.



    Jackie is the manager of the emergency department and works as a veterinarian with the emergency team. Jackie is passionate about emergency medicine and surgery and is taking advanced courses in emergency and critical care through the University of Melbourne. Her career started in medical research where she was completing her PhD in infectious diseases before transferring to Murdoch to complete her veterinary degree. She has a very boisterous dog named Nala that is a Geraldton special she adopted while working there. She also has a cat named Lady Blanche Forrester that she recently adopted from Baldivis Vet Hospital.

Our Emergency Nurses



    Susan has been a Veterinary Nurse for over 20 years & has spent most of that time (13 years) with Baldivis Vet Hospital.

    During that time she transitioned to Emergency nursing with Dr Hubert and Baldivis Emergency Vet (6 years ago).

    Susan enjoys the adrenaline rush working in emergency services & would love to further her skills in this field.

    Susan hopes to caring and nursing  for animals in many more years to come.



    Laura has been crazy in love with animals since before she could walk, so it made sense for her to choose a career in the animal care industry. After joining a veterinary practice in 2014, Laura was so excited to qualify as a trained veterinary nurse in 2016.

    She is a truly compassionate nurse who has had experience with fearful and anxious family pets and for these reasons, she has a special interest and further training in animal behaviour and low stress handling.

    Laura believes strongly that every animal deserves to feel safe and loved no matter what! When she rescued and hand raised her cat Ronny from a tiny, malnourished kitten, she formed an incredible bond with him and soon realised that she had an undeniable passion for pet rescue. Laura has now chosen to dedicate her spare time to the animal welfare community by becoming a foster carer.

  • JESSICA NURSE - After Hours Team

    NURSE – After Hours Team

    Jessica has been a Veterinary Nurse for over 15 years, she has always wanted to be a part of the medical field in some form and has always had a passion for animals. Jessica has mainly spent most of her career as an equine Nurse however, emergency and critical care is her passion.  She enjoys ICU and overnight shifts. Jessica thrives in the unpredictability of an emergency nursing role and is currently studying a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing.
    It takes a special sort of person to do night shifts and she enjoys the constant learning experience within such a close knit team.

    Jess has 3 Chihuahuas named “Tina Arena”, “Missy Van Muffin” & “Mr Bean”, 1 cat names “Poe”, Eclectus parrots named “Ruby” & “Yoshi” and a  horse names “Sooney” as well as a heap of fish.


Your pet will be in skilled and gentle hands at Baldivis Emergency Vet.

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